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Believe In The Process
     RWI began as a basketball skills training company that has since then created eight AAU teams and three solely hosted tournament events in its two- year life span. Our players are provided structure and the ability to develop in the game of basketball. With a coaching staff built up of previous high-level schooled athletes, they possess the knowledge and experience to present new and creative workouts to better our players.
Practice and training facility are located within York region, such as Vaughan. Our players also travel within the GTA and America for games and tournaments respectively.
We strive to uphold what it means to be a student athlete by providing our players the opportunity to attend study hall sessions and maintain an agreed upon standard for their grades.
Our goal is to make a difference in the communities of the youth today, and that is why our motto is “believe in the process”.



Contact Us

Cy Samuels: (647)778-1542

Steven Korn: (647)641-1518

Event Coordinator (Hamida Tejan-Cole): (647)462-1737

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